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Benefits of Goat Milk in Skin Care

Goat's Milk Lotion

When searching for an all-natural skin moisturizer, products made from goat milk are optimal due to its naturally existing vitamins and minerals. Goat milk has benefits beyond hydration, such as psoriasis relief, acne control, and skin ailment prevention.

As a key source of moisture for the skin, when found in solid soaps and lotions, goat milk is comprised of 5% butterfat. Although this may cause weight gain concerns for consumption, it is perfect for topical applications and deep hydration purposes. Fatty acids and triglycerides found naturally in goat’s milk are what create this moisture. Capriylic, capric, and caproic acids are also commonly found in the milk, which are easily digested and absorbed by the skin. This ensures that the skin is able to retain the moisture, thus deeply penetrating beyond the surface.

Skincare products with goat milk appeal to an audience of all ages. Vitamin A is a predominant mineral which helps to control acne and even provides psoriasis relief. This is important to note when searching for natural products gentle enough to apply on children and teens. It also aids in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, which is enhanced by the naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that are present in the milk.

Knowing that goat milk has naturally occurring AHAs, it makes any skincare products made from the milk great for correcting discoloration from acne scarring and age spots. AHAs are also recognized for brightening overall complexion, gentle and natural chemical exfoliation of the skin, and increasing overall product absorption. Increased skin absorption allows other ingredients like essential oils to penetrate deeper beyond the surface layers.

Last but not least, due to research conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), results were obtained suggesting that goat’s milk works effectively in the reduction of carcinogenesis. This, combined with the mineral present in goat milk known as selenium, makes the butterfat-heavy ingredient a great way to naturally assist in the fight against skin disorders.

Considering the amazing benefits that products containing goat milk can provide, it may seem as if the product can do no harm. However, it is important to ensure that dehydrated goat milk is used, and only in solid soaps and solid lotions. Goat milk in liquid or non-dehydrated form is the perfect environment for bacterial growth. This can be prevented through the use of chemicals and preservatives but will quickly remove the natural characteristic of the substance.

Overall, goat milk is highly beneficial to the skin due to its natural vitamin, mineral, and nutrient-packed formulation. In solid form, it should be considered as an essential ingredient for relieving or preventing skin ailments. If looking to preserve its natural state, consider purchasing solid soaps and lotions made from goat milk.